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Kirsty October 14th, 2016

Kirsty October 14th, 2016

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Janice, Septemer 3rd, 2016

Janice, Septemer 3rd, 2016

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Emmy and Adam , August 28th, 2015

Emmy and Adam , August 28th, 2015

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Megan September 24th , 2016

Megan September 24th , 2016

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Jillian and Cory September 6 , 2015

Jillian and Cory September 6 , 2015

Courtney and Marie, February 6th, 2016

Courtney and Marie, February 6th, 2016

Hi Dorota and Nicole,

I just want to send you my big THANK YOU.  You both made me feel so beautiful and my wish came true -  Frank (my husband) told me that I looked incredible and was taken away.  I could not have gotten that reaction without your magic

Oh!  You're soooo sweet!!!!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED MY HAIR.  You have absolutely no idea how beautiful I felt.  Not to mention everyone complemented my hair!  Of course I'm going to promote your name out there.  You do phenomenal work and take pride in it.  You are conscientious, meticulous and passionate about it.  In other words, you are real and I respect that about you.

Thank you.  You are both wonderful and talented individuals!- Antoinetta

Hey!! What a sweet email, thank you. We had a blast yesterday and I have to say that you and Lisa did an absolutely fantastic job... each of the girls looked stunning in her own individual, unique way - each hairstyle was a masterpiece(!!!) and suited each girl perfectly. You guys kept us on schedule (no small feat) and you both definitely helped keep me calm amidst the chaos. Sorry it got so crazy near the end there, however everything seemed to work out and all of us were so incredibly pleased with the work you guys did. Anyway this is just my informal thanks but I would be happy to provide you guys with a more official testimonial (maybe when I get back :) But let me just say that I truly appreciate how you went above and beyond - your tips and advice for both the wedding and honeymoon were much appreciated and it is clear that you really care about your clients.  Thanks again!- Liz Cox

Alisa did the makeup for 5 people, and I believe three false eyeslash applications for my wedding this November. Her professionalism and skill and speed made everyone look there best on this special day. Everyone looked amazing and her work was complimented throughout the night. I recommend booking for your event early, as she gets busy quickly! 
Nicole Graftner did the hair for all the girls. She moves quickly and can do anything you want. Like Alisa, she she is professional and very good at what she does. I couldn't imagine having anyone but these two help me get ready on my wedding day.- Wedding Wire - review for Nicole Graftner in partnership with Alisa Lyons hair and makeup

Alisa was partnered with Nicole Graftner for our hair and Nicole was also 5-star.   She worked *wonders* on our hair, and like Alisa, was able to listen to each person's preferences and make it happen.   She magically turned a bridesmaid's short hair into a low faux bun, the bride's medium length hair into a real side bun with extensions, and a bridesmaid with seriously uneven short hair into a brunette Marilyn Monroe.  She used rollers, clip on hair extensions, some hairspray adhesive, a gazillion bobby pins, and the hair stayed in place for the entire day.   

Fantastic experience with this amazing duo.- Vivian, Yelp-  review for Nicole Graftner in partnership with  Alisa Lyons hair and makeup


  • Nicole, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job and even solving the one crisis on the day with such calm problem solving! My hair and makeup were absolutely perfect!!

  • Kelly Deslauriers

Dear Nicole

Thank you for being an important part of our wedding day. Your hair and makeup talent will contribute to lasting memories of our special day. Kathy and Jeff


Thank you for everything you did on our wedding day. I felt relaxed and happy that you were there. I love the way my hair turned out and i have received a ton of compliments! Honesty and loving, i love ya girl! Thank you, love Natalie and Dave

Hi Alisa and Nicole – I wanted to send along some pictures from our wedding back on August 23rd, showcasing the makeup and hair you each did such a beautiful job with.

Thank you again for such a wonderful morning – each of the girls and my mom had only wonderful things to say about you both (I’ll make sure I get this on Wedding Wire soon!)

Wedding wire review in partnership with Alisa Lyons- makeup artist

My bridesmaids, mom and I had a wonderful time working with Nicole on my wedding day. I came to my trial with Nicole with two different ideas of what to do with my hair and she was able to give me advice on it based on my hair type and taking into account what the weather would be like on my wedding day. With that, Nicole did two variations on a style for me at my trial and told me to pick whichever one I felt like by the time we got to the wedding. On the day, Nicole showed up as planned, on time and set herself up, no hassle. She is extremely calming and was able to work with 8 of us and keep us all at ease, even with the girls not knowing exactly what they wanted. Everyone was so pleased with their end result and still tell me to this day how great Nicole was to work with. I would recommend her to anyone


Hope you are both doing well!- Alex Power


Dear Nicole,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything...for the tips and tricks ..for the teaching and advice. Your skill and patience are amazing!  I've been practicing everything you taught me. I wish i could fly you over to do my hair and makeup for my wedding day..but its just not in the budget. I'll bring back pictures and you'll be impressed with my skill thanks to you. xoxo Gab Gianfelice


Dear Nicole,

Thank you for the hair for all our girls! Everyone looked amazing and loved how they looked. P.s Thank you for waking up at 2am!- Diana Galdames

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for giving me the PERFECT hair for my wedding! I am so glad that i was able to meet you and i hope we can work together in the future! - Liz (and Michael too) Condello

Hi Nicole,

Thank you again for doing such an amazing job on my wedding day.  Not only was the hair beautiful, but the way you managed the scheduling, and got to everyone on time was unreal!  I would not have believed that one person could have done that many updo's in a morning. You made getting up at 5am not only bearable, but fun! -Rachel Dietrich


                                                                                                                            - Kelda Yuen

Laurine and Aaron , September 30, 2017

Laurine and Aaron , September 30, 2017

Hi Nicole
Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing an amazing job on all
of our hair for my wedding. All the girls got many compliments. All of
us have been a part of lots of weddings in the past few years & I can
say your work was the nicest I've seen (we've had some not-so-great
bridesmaids up-do's!). Thank you! - Jodi Vezina Sam
Dear Nicole,
Thank you so much for your amazing updo’s at my wedding. You made all of us look so beautiful. I could not be happier with the way my hair turned out that day! You are a rockstar!
— Marie Capone- nov 2014- Featured in Elegant Wedding Magazine 2015
Best glam squad a girl could ask for!! I love you ladies! My hair and makeup were on point all night long and i got so many compliments. Thank you
— Marwah , May 2015