1 person - $170
Party of 2 - Bride $145, additional person $110
Party of 3 - Bride $135, each additional person  $100 each
Party of 4+ - Bride $115, each additional person $95 each

* Prices based on the client, not type of service or length of hair and apply to adults in the party requiring hair services.

                                         ** 2 person minimum for Saturday events unless combined with makeup**



In studio - $85  On location - $140 + travel if applicable.


Flower girls 3yrs - 9yrs - $60 ** if adding flower girls in this age range they are not considered part of the total number of adults requiring hair services

Flower girls 10yrs + - full adult rate

Groom styling - $85

Early start fee (before 6am)- $50 per hour /artist

Extra Artist Fee- $50 + travel if applicable * please note a 2nd artist requires notice at the time of booking and is subject to availablity. A minimum of 7-8+ services are required to secure a second stylist. The travel fee is payable along with the deposit.

Travel fee- an additional fee of .55/km (per artist ) will apply to all locations outside the City of Toronto (TTC borders) and is payable along with the deposit

Return service/ Style change/touch ups - $140 ( + travel if applicable)  for the bride. Additional costs will apply at the rate $80 pp for each additional person. ** please note, this must be specified and booked at the time of signing the contract

Accommodations- will  be required at the expense of the bride for out of town locations (greater than a 45 min travel time)  with an arrival time of  6 am or earlier. Notice and payment (or reservation confirmation # and name of the hotel)  is required at the time of booking along with the deposit. Should the bride opt to make the reservation on my behalf, and i am required to use my credit card for check in,  the etransfer for the full amount, including taxes and fees must be received by me no later than 48 hours prior to the reservation date. 

Extensions- A $20 fee (payable on the day)  will apply for any hairstyles other than the bride's  that require putting in clip in extensions. Advance notice is required to allow for additional timing. Failure to provide notice will result in my not being able to accommodate the request as it does cause delays. 

                                            A 50% DEPOSIT AND SIGNED CONTRACT ARE REQUIRED TO SECURE  SERVICES  

                                    *Please note, my apologies, but dates cannot be held and are on a first come first serve basis*

                                     * I reserve the right to change policies at my discretion, notice will be given if this applies** 





                                       ON LOCATION MAKEUP RATES


 1 Person- $140

2 People- Bride $120, attendants $100

3 People- Bride $110, attendants $95

4 People- Bride $100, attendants $90


                  *** Lashes are complimentary for the Bride, $15 pp for others****

 TRIALS (1.5 - 2 hrs)

On location- $140 + travel if applicable In studio - $80

                            ON LOCATION EVENT HAIR and/or  MAKEUP RATES

 1 Person- $140

2 People- $100 each

3 People- $95 each

 4 People- $90 each

                                                                        *** discounts apply when combined with hair  services***


                                                       Film, Television, Theatre

 Half day rate (4hrs) - $400

 Full day rate (8hrs)- $750

 Overtime to be billed at the rate of $100 per hour

 Special effects makeup and prosthetic work- please inquire